GPF Queries through IVRS.


                        This is for information of all GPF subscribers of Govt. of Orissa that Interactive Voice Response System(IVRS) is in operation in the O/o the A.G.(A&E)Orissa.  By using this modern electronic system, the subscriber can obtain details of their Closing Balances as on last March, Debit information i.e. withdrawal from GPF and missing credit/missing debit information up to the month of completed account for the current year.  With this information current balance in a particular GPF account can be known.  In order to access the system, the subscriber has to dial any one of the following telephone number of Bhubaneswar(0674).

1.                  2394434

2.                  2394437

3.                  2394640

4.                  2394438

5.                  2391431

6.                  2394439

and follow the guidance provided by the system in the following manner:-


1.                  Hear the welcome message

2.                  Select the language in which the information is sought for

3.                  Enter Series code as detailed below:


























4.                  Account Number of the subscriber

5.                  Date of Birth of the subscriber

Confirm serial number 4 & 5 above. If the Date of Birth tallies with the data of the system, then only the subscriber can access the required information.


The subscriber can also give his suggestions, which will be recorded for improvement of the service provided by this office to the subscriber.  The service is available to be accessed in Oriya, English & Hindi.



Procedure for facilitating finalisation of post-retirement Final Payment of       GPF


Following observation shall be made by the subscriber/DDO while forwarding the GPF Final Withdrawal application to Accountant General (A&E) for early finalisation of the case.

                        Final payment application received in this office in complete shape are finalised within a month.  Incomplete applications retard the finalisation of the case.  The applications treated as incomplete on the following grounds.


1.                  FormNo.OTC-80-A not counter signed by the Head of the Department indicating that the Final Payment drawal has not been scrutinised by the sufficient authority.

2.                  Form No.OTC-80-B not used in case of non gazetted employee.

3.                  Form No.OTC-80-C not used in case of death. This is essential to determine who are the beneficiaries of the late subscriber

4.                  Signature of the applicant and his home address not furnished on the application form.

5.                  Signature of the Head of the Office/Head of the Department wanting in case of DDO/Head of the Office retiring respectively.

6.                  Official address of the Drawing & Disbursing Officer.

7.                  Name of the Treasury where the Bills of the office are entertained not being indicated.

8.                  Last Fund Deduction with month, TV No. and date of drawal not furnished in final payment application.

9.                  The temporary/non-refundable withdrawal(s) made during the last twelve months preceeding the date of retirement not furnished alongwith TV Nos. and date.  In case of non drawal of the same during the said period, the word ‘NIL’ not being quoted in the  space provided.

10.              Correct GPF account No./Group not furnished.

11.              The  nature & date of retirement/quitting of service (whether retired/resigned/invalidated/dismissed/removed) not stated.

12.              The attested copy of the Death Certificate of the late subscriber not furnished.

13.              List of family members of the subscriber as on the date of his death, alongwith their age, relationship, marital status duly certified by the Drawing & Disbursing Officer not furnished.

14.              Attested copy of the Succession Certificate issued by Court not furnished in respect of the major heir/heirs.

15.              Attested copy of the Guardianship Certificate issued by Court not furnished in respect of the minor children.

16.              A declaration of the retiring Government Servant/widow of the deceased regarding recovery of over payment as per O.C.S.(Pension),Form No.5-A not  attached to the application.

17.              Non-refundable Advance drawn not intimated with TV No. & date of drawal as per item No. 5 of Part I of the form No. OTC 80 A/ item No. 4 of certificate of DDO under Part I of OTC 80 B. If no drawal has been made “Nil” may be mentioned.

18.              Religion of the claimant wanting at  col.13 of  the application forms .

19.              A statement of GPF subscription and refunds for the period of 12 months preceding the date of retirement/death/quitting the service may please be furnished.

A final payment application may also be returned to the Drawing & Disbursing Officer, if a Temporary Withdrawal/Non refundable Advance for  a specific period or Temporary Withdrawal/Non refundable Advance drawn on the strength of a specific sanction order, is required while review of the accounts of previous years.



Deputy Accountant General/Funds